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Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment that identifies and treats tensions and misalignments in the body that might compromise our health and well-being. 

The role of the osteopath is to thereby reduce restrictions and pain, address postural issues, and allow the body to function in a more balanced and efficient manner.

Osteopaths treat a variety of common conditions including back pain, shoulder injuries, and much more. Look at the sections under 'what we treat' on the main menu for more.

At the initial consultation, a detailed case history is taken in order to try and determine the root of the injury. A clinical examination will follow which consists of a sequence of simple movements to assess the mobility of the body. You may be asked to remove some of your clothing (underwear will always be kept ON), patients are therefore advised to wear suitable underwear that they feel comfortable in.

Once a diagnosis is reached, management includes both treatment and advice. Treatment is tailor-made to the individual, depending on diagnosis, patient's age and tissue quality. It generally involves soft tissue massage and stretching of muscles and tendons, spinal and joint manipulation, cranial osteopathy. Advice can include postural and ergonomic support, stretching and strengthening exercises and information on injury prevention.

Occasionally an Osteopath may need to refer you to your G.P, to an Orthopaedic consultant or for further screening such as X-rays, MRI scans or Ultrasound. Additionally, if you have already had an X-ray or MRI scan taken, please bring any relevant reports to your initial consultation.